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The Redhill Teaching School Alliance is a well established and trusted collaboration of schools and organisations who choose to work together to harness the varied and substantial expertise existing within their teams.  As an alliance we strive to support the recruitment, retention and development of staff through our CPD programmes, teacher training and school to school support.  Our overall strategic vision is to systematically raise the achievement of all students within our alliance schools and beyond.

  • Our high quality CPD programmes provide opportunities for teaching and non-teaching staff to develop their skills whilst networking with like-minded colleagues. Underpinning our extensive offer are the teaching and learning programmes and networks, designed and delivered by experienced practitioners and focussed on delivering practical and realistic advice and resources for busy classroom teachers and leaders.
  • Our well-established leadership programmes are tried and tested and consistently lauded by those who attend them.  These programmes provide excellent supplementary leadership training to the National Professional Qualifications which we are also able to offer at a discounted rate as a founding member of Inspiring Leaders.
  • We have a long standing commitment to teacher training and provide a School Direct route to primary trainees with Nottingham Trent University and a SCITT route with Inspiring Leaders for our secondary trainees. We are proud of our excellent track record supporting the training of future teachers and leaders and our Alliance schools are always keen to support our training programmes through hosting placements, mentoring and providing on-going training.
  • Our style of outreach is constructive and sensitive and we are committed to implementing substantial change in the schools we support. Our team of SLEs and Lead Practitioners continues to grow, providing expert advice and support where it is requested. We are always keen to nurture staff across our alliance and offer a range of opportunities for staff to develop as leaders.
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