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Andrew Burns
Trust Principal

Andrew Burns (OBE) is the Executive Principal of the Redhill Academy Trust and executive lead of the Redhill Teaching School Alliance. As an experience NLE he is active in supporting the development of many of the member schools and in involved in the facilitation of the senior leadership programme and termly Headteachers’ conferences. Andrew chairs the RTSA strategic board and, as executive lead, ensures our vision to systematically raise the achievement of all students both within our alliance schools and beyond is consistently maintained.

who's who

Sally Barfoot
Director of Teaching School

Sally Barfoot oversees the work of the Teaching School Alliance and works closely with the strategic partners and member schools to ensure the activities of the RTSA fully meet the needs of its members. Sally is a teacher of MFL and has been based at Redhill since 2001. She is actively involved in the design and delivery of various aspects of the CPDL programme. As a former AST, SLE and Trust Director she has a vast amount of experience not just in teaching but also in facilitation and school to school support. Sally oversees the quality assurance processes which ensure the high standards of CPD and support are rigorously maintained.

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Julie Wardle
Director of Primary Education for the Redhill Academy Trust

Julie Wardle was formerly Head of the Carlton Junior Academy and brings a wealth of experience to the RTSA team. She is an experienced NLE and a Pupil Premium Reviewer. Julie is actively involved in school to school support and is adept at providing bespoke support around leadership, curriculum and assessment. Julie works closely with our primary staff to shape the primary CPD programme to ensure it meets the needs of our growing primary membership.

Rebecca Seadon

Rebecca Seadon
Teaching School Manager

Rebecca is responsible for the Redhill Teaching School Alliance finance, deployment and external bookings for the Training Centre. Rebecca also manages the recruitment for Specialist Leaders in Education and works with the management team to plan and host training and events.


Sarah Haslam
Teaching School Manager

Sarah manages the administration and marketing for the Redhill Primary and Secondary Teacher Training routes, as well as arranging and hosting events for the Redhill Teaching School Alliance.

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