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The Redhill Teaching School Alliance aims to

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  • promote research into what works best in teaching and learning

What are the perceptions of Computer Science as a subject/career among Year 7 students?

Helen Morris

IT has undergone a period of drastic change in regard to curriculum focus. Specifically the move from IT to Computing. This research is designed to gauge both interest levels and the basic understanding of Computer Science as a subject and career. Year 7 will have had a different experience of the subject up to now and may, therefore, provide useful insight into the further development of the KS3 curriculum content as we move forward.

Research Findings

Developing a concrete-pictorial-abstract model for negative number arithmetic (2016)

Jai Sharma

Negative number arithmetic is frequently cited by both students and teachers as being challenging to learn, and challenging to teach. The concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) sequence is an instructional approach practised in Singapore since the 1980s, and has recently gained popularity in the UK as an approach to promote conceptual understanding. This study aims to develop a CPA model for negative number arithmetic and measure its effectiveness.

Research Findings

Does the Teacher Learning Community (TLC) format help to support small-scale, classroom-based research projects?

Chris West

Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs) are groups of around 10 to 15 staff who meet regularly each half term, with each group focusing on a particular aspect of teaching and learning, such as effective feedback or differentiation. This structure has been in place at Redhill for some time now and has proved very effective for developing and supporting staff. We wanted to find out if the TLC format could be used to encourage staff to participate in small scale classroom-based projects and provide them with the necessary support and guidance to.

Research Findings

Does the regular reviewing of specification content increase students recall ability and improve their problem solving ability in physics exams? (Preliminary Findings)

Dave Mangan

In order to investigate the effectiveness of distributed practice on examination performance, 50 Year 11 science students in two classes, with predicted grades ranging from A* to D, were given a structured revision programme, reinforced by regular class tests using online flashcards on the Quizlet site.

Research Findings

Does the regular setting of GCSE listening homework improve pupil attainment in their GCSE listening?

Kerrie Moorhouse

There is anecdotal evidence that suggests that due to the heavy emphasis on rote learning for the speaking and writing exams, less time is available to devote to practise the skill of listening. The Redhill Academy MFL faculty has used various online resources to investigate whether the regular setting of listening homework would improve pupil attainment in this skill.

Research Findings

Does the introduction of an online homework system across the school improve communication and students’ organisation of homework

Chris West

The Redhill Academy has recently introduced an online system called Show My Homework. Teachers add homework tasks to the system and students (and their parents) can view their homework online and download any relevant files. Various other features are also available for teachers to use. The school hopes that this online system will improve communication of homework tasks and improve students’ completion of homework.

Research Findings

Does the amount of time students spend producing their own revision materials increase the amount of time they spend revising?

Kerrie Moorhouse, Chris West

A small-scale randomised controlled trial investigating the impact of students being made to produce their own materials during sessions where they are taught about revision techniques.

Flyer – RTSA revision research

Research Design (for RTSA site)

RTSA Revision research project (A1 Poster) with 6mm bleed

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