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I am currently training with the Redhill Academy Trust to teach Modern Foreign Languages. I chose to train here because of the lead school’s superb reputation and it’s dedication to languages. I am now half way through my training and I can honestly say it is an amazing place to train – the support you receive from mentors and coordinators is fantastic. There is always someone there to guide you. It is also great to be part of a cohort of trainees who are all going through the same thing. I can highly recommend the trust as a place to train!


Throughout my PGCE school direct training at the Redhill Academy Trust in 2018/2019, I regularly received continuing professional development (CPD) training from trust-wide outstanding teaching practitioners. Training was methodically planned and focussed on key areas of classroom management and pedagogical learning strategies.
I was provided with an opportunity to work within the science department at the Redhill Academy and Colonel Frank seely Academy. During this time, I was allocated a subject-specific professional mentor who facilitated me to plan and deliver high quality lessons to GCSE and A level classes.
After completing my second placement, I was fortunate enough to gain a position through the trust priority list; working among the science department at Colonel Frank Seely.

Me For Redhill


I chose Redhill as my Teacher Training provider because of the fantastic opportunities it presented for me to learn, excel, and really perfect my practice before I become a fully qualified teacher. My experience throughout training has been excellent. The support systems are second to none and helpful advice is given whenever you need it. As every month passes you feel yourself becoming a more confident and skilled practitioner with the guidance of the Redhill Teacher Training backing you all the way. I am currently midway through my first year of training and I thoroughly recommend this route into teaching.

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